I had a dealer drop by on Friday with a rough Buffalo gallon tin that he wanted to see if I could improve its condition. It was quite battered and I couldn't do anything about the scratches and paint loss but it had potential. About a month ago I had bought a Prestone gallon with the intention of taking the bottom off and seeing how much could be straightened. So most of Saturday was spent working on these two to see what I could achieve with my limited ability. I am not a trained body-man but have had some success with straightening certain cans. Each projects is different depending upon the thickness of the metal and how much abuse it has endured. Both took about the same amount of time though I feel that the Buffalo fared better than the Prestone. The latter had way more small dents and some would just not smooth out. When dealing with painted metal surfaces you have to balance how much you want to work the metal before you start to damage the paint. Overall I happy with what was achieved and each job is a learning experience for me for the next one. Cheers, Don.

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