I got a leed a while back about a couple of 60s pumps that have been sitting on someone's farm for years that they were letting them go so, I got a hold of them and hopped into my almost dead truck with my oldest son and went to get them about 50 miles away.
Paid the man, and got stung by the long term tenants, X2, got em loaded and home.
The Tokheim 952 was the most complete and I started on it. I 'gutted' it and took out A LOT of dead weight and probably 3+ gallons of varnish inside.(Side note, the motor worked great and now I have about 5 of them under my Shoppe...)
Thanx to Jerry M., I had a stack of original 70s-80s SHELL pump decals that I put to good use!
I rattlecand the base and top of the sides, got it lit up and put it up for sale on FB. It sold within 3 days sight unseen by a terrific carving artist.
I offered to motorize it but I let him know I didn't know if I would be able to hook it up and run it through the original electrical and electro-mechanical box but that I would try and if not then would wire it up as clean as possible on a switch.
Man, it turned out great! All the wiring and mechanical box worked great once I figured it out and got the motor installed. The electro-mech box has 3 functions, a VR mechanical reset, a timer to hold off the pumping till the reset is done and then the power is switched to the motor all by a turn of the original handle!
I have a friend with a fabrication shop and he lets me work on some things in there but if you don't have one available and the skills to fabricate the pieces, then buy one of the kits from one of the guys on here,,, they are soooooo worth it for the time and headache savings!!!!
The only disappointing thing is no "ding" on the gallon on this VR. ??? It doesn't have a bell.
It's not done to the 9s but it looks Great and is a lot of fun in only about a weeks worth of labor for a non-disabled worker. So, if you have some of these sitting around, get to them, they are a blast!
Now on to the Wayne "chromie",,, maybe in a little bit, I gotta get ready for winter...

I wish we could download videos here but since we can't, here are some links to the vids I posted on my MCS page on FB... https://www.facebook.com/TheManCave...d_o62IBOtUodPDHK0kj7-7rJVLhT2YqtB6gTnbU5
--- https://www.facebook.com/TheManCave...d_o62IBOtUodPDHK0kj7-7rJVLhT2YqtB6gTnbU5


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