OK the new 2020 Gas Globe eBook is done!!! Nearly 7,000 different globes and all the histories, rarity guides, values and much more that come with each globe...

It's on the site now for download!!! See below...

PLEASE READ!!! The first copies will be available on the website pcmpublishing.com for $50.00 RIGHT NOW!!! This is a download directly into your computer. From there you can transfer to a phone or any device. Now...the actual USB Flash Drive will be available in about two plus weeks if there are no glitches!!! Same price plus shipping $5.00. This is a USB small flash drive you plug directly into your computer.

PLEASE read the beginning chapters on how to use this new guide as there are many changes. Also there are new categories for globes like "6s"-meaning there is only one globe known right now and it's a single insert! There are other new divisions too.

Questions ask away now. PLEASE remember this is a price "guide". Read the new chapters included about pricing guidelines and theories!!! The data is priceless as we've added a thousand new globes and hundreds of updated better photos, most all prices updated, rarity numbers updated, histories, etc. A description of the "read me file" is included in the eBook and it will also be posted here soon.

Here is how to order;

1-Go to PCMPublishing.com now!!! Directly download this eBook onto your computer. $50.00 credit card or PayPal required.

2-Send a check directly to...PCM, PO Box 556, LaGrange, Ohio 44050 $50.00 plus $5.00 shipping $55.00 total give it a few weeks to get your copy.

3-Starting next week November 18th, you can call me with a credit card and I will hold processing until we get them in hopefully end of November. It's easier to use the web site but this option is available. 440-213-8934 Scott

4-Paypal is accepted. Send $50.00 plus $5.00 shipping to sbscottpcm@gmail.com Expect your copy in two to three weeks or so. PLEASE PLEASE include a shipping address and phone number! Not doing this will really delay your order for several reasons I won't have time to track you down...

Thank you, you will enjoy this new eBook. The data is vast and priceless![color:#FF6666][

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