New here - just bought my first gas pump - a Gulf gas pump from the 60's. Found it an an estate auction and couldn't resist. I have restored several Gilbarco 900's back in the day with my father, but that is it. I am sure this is the first of many to come smile.

It is in excellent shape with very little to no rust and the porcelain parts that are still there are near perfect. All of the internals are there, but it is missing several outer panels. The area where the name badges normally are located are missing (beside nozzle). It would appear as they were never there as there are no witness marks and the there are no signs of the holes ever being being threaded. They looked to have been removed early on in life if anything. I'll be posting a wanted ad as soon as I figure out what I have. I will post some pics once it is presentable.

From doing some initial research, it appears to be one of the following:
Wayne 1
Southwest Model 30, 51-1, 62-1, 1
Erie 158 or 129-22
Bennett 748
Dayton 1420

I have ruled out a couple of the above based on the nozzle area characteristics, bolt hole locations, etc.

I'd post pictures, but looks like I can't embed into post.