As context, I received this s36" diameter sign as a birthday gift from my wife. It had been hanging in my friends' dad's shop for decades and when cleaning it out after he passed away, she arranged to get it from my friend for me. I'm a classic car guy but when it comes to petroliana I'm not a collector so forgive me for not having a value guide and research materials at hand. Repro or not, I'm happy to have it therefore.

What I have done is ask my friend where his dad would get such a sign and he said antique shops and swap meets - this in the 1980s mostly. I've done some general searching around the internet and it doesn't match any out there that I see. Could it just be someone's home art project - ?

I'll attach a photo, and list below some things that are apparant to me that seem odd or may just provide more information.

Some things that I notice are different - I'm sure there are plenty more to you experienced collectors:

Border is simply white, no black (or green)
Wings / "A" have no black outline
Font looks a little off here and there - the "G" in "Flying" looks a little small, and the "G" in "Gasoline" looks a different in terms of the width of the vertical piece and a little chop off at about the 7:00 ponit.

The little bottom vertical line in the "Y" in "Flying" looks off center.

The paint isn't highly uniform in application either - seems a little thicker here and there. It was also not clear coated in that a mile cleaner did remove a light bit of paint consistent with baked enamel finishes on automobiles prior to the advent of base/clear paint jobs.

The holes drilled are crudely done and not uniformly spaced. No grommet at the top one (largest, the middle and bottom ones are just sheetmetal screw holes by the looks of it.
The back is galvanized finish.

I appreciate very much anyone's opinion on it. Again I am happy to have it as her gift, just trying to figure out what it is...
- Scott

Flying A resized.jpg