Thanks greatly for reading this third E-mail...and my thirtieth-or-so attempt to contact anyone by way of Primarily Petroliana.. Mrs. & Mr. Froehlich, I wrote “thirtieth-or-so” because, well, Apple blessed me yet yet again. During my efforts to type this out, last weekend—-well, lo & behold!—my iPad again erased my originally-intended message here—twice.

First “stab-in-the-back”: Attempted to “Upload” images below, by following steps which Primarily Petroliana has clearly listed, one time or another. (More about their many, suggested methods for “Inserting Images,” towards final paragraph.). THERE-fore (WHEW!), I first pressed old’s “Attachment Manager” took me to the ”Photos” symbol/icon; outside of Internet, naturally. Mrs. & Mr. Froehlich, it’s precisely because you must leave the “Web” from time-to-time, to perform occasional function or two—-whoa! you’d best stay alert to Apple’s Cute, Li’l Quirks WITH and ON your messages. Yes...and even if that temporary diversion or distraction was FOR benefit of your message. Particularly if & when you’re using that Web-site’s own, ”Message Box.” (On that ebay, for one example.) And HOW I should’ve remembered that!. Well (sigh!), surely enough, when I did return to’s “Message-Box”: Emmp-TEE. some classroom chalkboard! 😱🤬🤪 Cannot quite recall reason, one month later, why I had to start-over & re-type this for that second time; but I easily recall that it was just as technological, just as accidental—I promise!

Mrs. & Mr. Froehlich, before I show you just exactly what images I just referred to, here: All too easily, I could continue to depend on words, all about just how badly I’ve searched for 1945-‘61 version of Ind. STANDARD oval—-yet STRICTLY in GE-Lexan or Plexiglas (like YOUR splendid-looking sign)—-and for about 17-25 yrs. by now, I should add. One big measure of my interest in your sign:🌃🛌❤️ I’ve literally awakened from several dreams in which pre-1962, plastic sign-faces were my centers of attention. For, you see: Within these dreams, we always searched for such “Torch-&-Oval”...during return-trips back home from visits to certain, ext. family-relatives who had once moved out-SIDE Southeast. They included: my youngest stepsister’s couple (Winter Pk., Colo.), cousins on Mama’s side (New England...where I’d search for Standard of New York’s pre-1931, pre-Vacuum Oil/Mobiloil merger, road-maps & cans we don’t have yet)...a few now-adult nieces, nephews...& several distant cousins on paternal Grandmother’s side. (From Okla.—where I’d search for Plexiglas, 48-inch-sq., “CONOCO” triangles; plus four-piece, porcelainized-steel, “DX” diamond from 1946-‘58–wow!). In all of these dreams, of course, our family traversed several of Midwest’s state, forgotten/under-used U.S., & county “farm-to-mkt.” roads—all “off the beaten-paths.” (Remind you of any, uh...History Channel series...hmm?😁)

But enough of all that. Mr. & Mrs. Froehlich (drum-roll, please):🎺🥁🎷🎟🎭 THESE snapshots are the ”Images” that I just now referred to.📸📲 And if these photos cannot at all convince you that your handsome sign will end-up in both loving care AND anti-theft security—perhaps short account...of just how, when, & why molded/embossed signs attracted my tastes...just might convince you, in a later E-mail.



Finally, Mrs. & Mr. Froehlich: I hope-against-hope that Apple’s Miracle Zap-Guns currently inflict none of their defects on YOU...and never will, in you both continue to explore After all, remember: Dr. Zarkov had intended Flash Gordon’s, Dale Ardala’s, & Buck Rogers’s futuristic gadgets to be far more user-friendly & less troublesome than, say, ol’ Ming, the Merciless! 🤖🛸 Place almost no blame on Primarily Petroliana themselves; Apple’s “Cute Li’l Quirks” have plagued them for around twenty yrs., and their (praiseworthy!) staff have been very busy, working VERY hard to correct Apple’s glitches. In fact: I heartily recommend’s step-by-step guidelines for “Attaching & Inserting Images.” Now, vast majority of members’ overall mention and other, “Cloud”-based storage-sites which I don’t know how to use, myself.🤷🏿‍♀️ ☁️💻 Even so, you yourselves just might be familiar with their uses—-and I’m gonna learn; you wait & see!🧠👨🏾‍🎓🤳🏼

Again: Thanks loads, in advance, for your kind response.👨🏻‍💻🤝

Yours always, Michael Shepherd ✝️📜💒Acts, ch. 4: vs. 5-12


ESP. collect molded/embossed "wall-signs" & all-plastic globes. Can supply graphic-design for your small business; or paint/sketch family portrait, favorite vehicle, Granddad's station or car/truck agency, &c. Also draw in Disney-esque draughtsmanship.