Best brand was created when Leonard Refineries bought the Cavalier brand of Flint & re branded Best in 1968.
The Lakeside Refineries of Kalamazoo had a small number company operated stations.
Interesting the address on this book later became a Crystal Flash station & today it is a Speedway.
PBS was a company that took over stations when self serve became legal in Michigan & the jobber I worked for couldn't keep dealers in the stations they owned because of lower margins.
White Fire was owned by Tank Car Stations Inc of Buffalo, NY.
Note the Jackson, MI location as I delivered that station in the late 1960's
This same location was branded Red Flash in the mid 1920's, Jolly Tar in 1929, White Fire from 1936 to 1943, Speedway 79 in the 1950's & finally Marathon in the 1960's.
Gastown was based in Cleveland, Ohio & had 90 stations, bought by Marathon in 1972.
Crystal Flash was Grand Rapids based operation related to the Indianapolis based fuel oil operation.
At the time of this stamp booklet they had 13 stations.
Stations bought by Marathon in the 1990's
OK Tire stores is national chain that some of there locations sold there Auto Float brand gas

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