The 3 Erickson companies
Erickson Oil Co. of Stevens Point, Wisconsin & had 18 stations
Erickson Oil Products Co of Hudson, Wisconsin & had 36 stations
Erickson Petroleum Corp. of Minneapolis, MN with over 160 stations change to marketing the Holiday brand in 1962
With 3 Erickson companies it would seem some stamps would end up in the wrong book.
Using the addresses from these booklets I could find only one city where 2 different Erickson's had a station.
I have heard that the Minneapolis company bought the Stevens Point company.
Note that some of these booklets are billfolds & the customer didn't have to lick'm & stick'm, just put them in the billfold.
Also note another copy cat cover with Big Top & Holiday using nearly identical covers.

Oil Co, Oil Products,Oil Corporation.jpgHoliday-Erickson.jpgBig Top - Holiday.jpg