I have owned several Mobil pump plates in the past years. I do not know why...but the Mobil Premium pump plates always seem to have the “studs” for fastening to the gas pump door while the Mobil Regular pump plates always seem to have the holes for screwing into the gas pump door. I have posted my two plates to demonstrate the difference.

I have come to the following conclusions:

1. Either my observation is incorrect and there does exist plate sets that DO mount in the same way. I just have not seen them.

2. Or my observation is correct and for some reason that I do not understand the Premium and Regular were indeed mounted differently.

So can anyone please “straighten me out”. Which of my 2 conclusions are correct? Are there sets that are the same and mount in the same manner? If not why in the world would Mobil have matching sets that mount differently? Thanks in advance for any observations!