I think I will always look back on the acquisition of this Gill body as one of the most "it was meant to be" items I've ever added to the collection. I saw this globe with a set of American Legion lenses back in November in an antique shop not far away, just before the Christmas season started. With 13 nieces and nephews, Xmas is expensive so I figured I'd wait and see if it was still available after. Well, I didn't go back right away, then the Covid shut down happened, etc. I figured it was long gone, especially what it was priced at. At any rate, today I finally make the trip back to the shop and there it still sat, along with a 20% off sale notation written on the tag! With the set of American Legion lenses in it, I figured most people had passed it by not seeing the value in the screw base Gill body. I was happy it was still there and wrote the check and I went on my way. The lady at the shop placed the globe in a large box with one layer of air pillows under it, around it, and one layer on top for the ride home.

Fast forward I arrived home and brought it up the 23 stairs to my place. For some stupid reason, from a lesson now learned, I decided to put the box on one of my bistro height stools on my porch while I unlocked my door. The box was 3.5 feet off the ground. I went in to corral the cat so he wouldn't get out while I brought the box in. I was only inside a minute and go back out and there is the box on the porch floor and the globe slid out resting on some of the air pockets! My heart absolutely sank at the sight, I knew this globe had to be toast. It was not packed well enough to withstand that kind of fall, I was certain. I gingerly picked it up waiting for it to break apart or pieces to fall off and low and behold, thank the Lord, it appeared undamaged! I was in disbelief. I was shaking when I brought it in, and I carefully removed the lenses so I could give it a one over, which I did and it didn't suffer any damage. What a lucky day for the globe and me. I still can't see how it made it through a drop like that! I learned a good lesson though.....set a globe on the ground, that way it doesn't have that far to fall, lol!
Take care all,

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Darin Sheffer
Always looking for Mobil and Marathon items I don't already have!