Damn....he was such a good friend. We actually met through Oldgas way back in the day. We struck up a friendship through posts on here and then he came down to attend a auction with me and we were good friends ever since. Set up next to each other at John Mancino’s for years. I think we did the first one together. Anytime I found a pump, Tom came and got it. I can’t remember off hand how many I found and I would always call Tom and we’d get together. He was/is the SOCONY man. I was just talking to him about my GB 65 and he told me to put it back to SOCONY as thats probably what it was. I am. This pump will be Tom’s pump too. It’s staying here in my garage so I can look at it and always remember Tom. Just like this Shell globe we traded for something on years ago. It’s now my candle to Tom. He loved globes. We always had fun talking about them and life in general. I love you Tom. Rest easy. I’ll miss you, but we’ll meet again. In the mean time light up a globe for Tom...here you go buddy.

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Always looking for Ithaca Gun and Lucky Sam soda items!!!