my 2 cents---- I called this person(Doug) end of 2018, yep 2 years ago got estimate, forgot about it, thought about it, put it aside looked again in 201,9 same thing, finally just got done calling and signing up, rates didn't change since first estimate. But he did say if you choose the 1 percent yearly value increase OPTION your rates will then go up according to how much your original value was. ONE final thing looking at the application looked hard but it's not & when I called him on a question he said we can just fill it out now on phone with him took no more than 10 minutes if you want it to start immediately credit card or you can send in check, you keep your own inventory list, pictures to varify collection, unless one item is over 25000 hope this helps. Oh yeah I get no commision on this LOL Laroy

Doug Dutton