Hello shop talk world!

New member here, just wanting to introduce myself to the forum and gain all the privileges of the forum! My name is Rob, I live in Scottsdale, AZ here, 26 years old. Seems when I meet collector's/buyers of this old petroliana/americana they are either thrilled that someone young is into this kind of stuff, and happy to interact, or scoff at me with a "you can't possibly think you can know about this considering you weren't born" attitude lol. I'm hoping and guessing that this forum is the former; and the majority of people I meet are!

I work in sales and scouting for vintage collectables like gas pumps, signs, vending machines, etc., and we have quite the awesome collection of man cave stuff that I would love to share with the community here. I know as a new member I cannot post for sale items, but I'm hoping to be able to do so shortly...

Mainly though, I just want to (as many new members have also posted) increase my knowledge of all this cool and hard-to-find stuff, becuase it interests me a ton, and also to be the best at the job field I've gotten lucky enough to enter the space of! Thanks all, looking forward to many positive interactions!