Sorry I havent been on here today, I am 43 and not retired.

Heres the deal, and I see a lot of people jumping to his defense and thats great, although anybody writing a page in here was sent by him.

I ordered some stuff last year for a Bennet pump, 6-700 dollar order. When the parts came in glass didnt fit, no big deal on my end, but I give him a call to see if I got the wrong thing or something, not upset, not confrontational.

Andy pretty much calls me a jerk and an ***** for ordering the wrong thing, and says that old pumps are all different and I should have measured better. But at no point is he trying to help or resolve the problem, he pretty much cusses me out and tells me eat it I cant return it, no refund. He insulted me, and I was never upset until he did. It got pretty nasty but figured it is what it is and took no further action.

Then I stayed away from the place, but just recently needed a part that only he has.

I called on the 22 of December, I believe, and ordered the parts from a gal because the online system wasnt working. Not Diane, she takes my credit card says she’ll ship them out after Christmas. Great, transaction over with.

Call on the 28 or 29 to see whats the deal as I have recieved no email and no invoice or tracking, Diane says shes busy and I am not going to get an invoice, nobody does, its snowing and nothings going out. Ok, thanks, I guess, just try to get them out to me when possible.

Call yesterday, Diane puts me on hold and gets Andy on the line. Andy says “hey arent you the guy that ordered the wrong ad glass and were nasty (He was the one that was nasty). I go “are you serious?, you kinda cussed me out because your glass didnt fit my pump and called me an *****”

He says, “life is too short to deal with people like you, I disregarded your order and refuse to sell anything to you”

I own a business, I deal with other business owners daily. Andy is the worst business person I have ever dealt with, and thats the fact jack. He is right about one thing, life is too short to deal with some people, but he is really the only one on my list.