Yes, it does seem to work correctly but I haven't checked it against a known good gauge yet. I just picked it up this evening and we hooked air and hoses up to it before I bought it. It definitely isn't in new show room perfect condition and I'm fine with that, I was looking for a little bit of the patina look and not something overly restored. I have never seen a black one so I'm not sure if it is original although the condition of the paint and the thickness makes me believe it only has one paint job on it. Were there originally black tireflators? I would much rather have the tag on it but it is what it is and for my use it wasn't a deal breaker. Is the difference between a #97 & a #98 the mounting style and is this interchangeable? I would like it to be a pedestal mount when I install it even if I have to fabricate my own.