Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great month of March! The participation has been outstanding so far and I am so grateful that I am able to do this for everyone. For this POTM (Pump Of The Month) we are going to do something a little different. I think mostly all of you would agree with me that the absolute best way to find a pump is to find it in the wild! It is a true treasure to find a pump let alone any gas and oil memorabilia that has not been through the hands of other collectors. So for this POTM you must post a picture of a pump in the wild, or a picture of a pump you found in the wild. If you do not have any pumps you have found in the wild, please feel free to post any pictures of pumps that are in the wild. If you post a picture of one of your pumps that you found in the wild, please share a little story about the pump. This POTM should be a blast because there is nothing better than farm fresh, barn fresh, station fresh, pumps . . .

My brother and I have found many pumps in the wild over the years, but this was my first pump so I thought I would share this picture and story with you all. My first pump was a farm fresh Wayne 60. My dad, brother, and I went to pick up another Wayne 60, Wayne 70, and some signs and cans in a small town in Kansas, and the guy whom we got the other stuff from said there was another pump that looked like the Wayne 60 down the street. So of course we drove down the road a bit and find the Wayne 60 sitting next to the fence line. The old guy wasn't sure if he wanted to sell, but my brother, who was dealing for me at the time, insisted he showed us the pump. He decided to sell it to us and the rest was history. Now I have been collecting ever since.

I apologize I am a day late. I hope to see some bad ***** pumps in the wild! Let's make this a great month. Enjoy!!