I have an addiction. Anything built by FoMoCo from 1949-1959, with honorable mentions up to 1963 1/2 Galaxies.

My 1956 Meteor Rideau Victoria. 4dr hardtop. Total production of 545 cars.

My 1955 Crown Victoria Skyliner glasstop. Total production of 1999

My 1956 Monarch Richelieu 2dr hardtop. Factory air car, total production 913. With air, 2 or 3?

3FFDB2A7-A718-4090-B0B6-143F856F86A4.jpeg 7A15F312-FE14-487B-BEB9-B45B76BF5D9A.jpeg 8FB1623B-2A7B-427F-92EC-8C6FD25BDA06.jpeg BE668B94-AD36-418A-AC73-DD5190E4CAD5.jpeg
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