Some people will cut off their noses to spite their faces.

Andy at Gas Pump Heaven is one of those people.

A little background.

A few years ago there was a discussion on this forum regarding the poor fit of some lenses in some reproduction CAPCO bodies.

Without naming names, I mentioned that the offending bodies were too small for the majority of the reproduction lenses and most original lenses.

And I gave my opinion on why they didn't fit the lenses - again without naming the company that was selling these clone bodies.

The CAPCO bodies made from the original molds are what almost all reproduction lens manufacturers size their lenses to.

The 'clone' CAPCO bodies are too small. No doubt about it as none of the major reproduction lenses or most original lenses will fit in them and allow them to close fully at the top or the bottom.

Apparently, Andy thought I was talking about his bodies (I was, but again, I never mentioned the manufacturer) and still holds a grudge.

I placed an on-line order a couple of days ago hoping to avoid having to talk to anyone at Gas Pump Heaven.

Got a personal call from Andy today accusing me of saying ALL their stuff was junk and refusing to fulfill my order.

Once he started rehashing the old post regarding the clone bodies - and bitching me out all over again - I hung up on him.

As a business owner and a supplier for this hobby, I would never treat any paying customer this way.

It's a shameful thing that we have individuals in this hobby that treat their customers like this.

Later . . .