Hello everyone I hope your new year is off to a great start. I want to thank you all again for the continued support and participation each month. For this month we are going to look at a handful of common Erie pumps. These pumps are pretty simple, but they all have a great look to them! This month will include the following models.

Erie 77 (1940): Computer pump, also available with window trim. Available with station lighter top. Also available with door spears.
Erie 99 (1940): non-computing, early version with spear trim on door panels. Available with station lighter top.
Erie 277 (1940): Twin Erie 77 version with spear trim on doors.
Erie 995/999 (1947): non-computing, no door spears
Erie 748-10 (1948): “Nu-Lo” short pump with 13 foot hose.
Erie 748-20 (1948): “Nu-Lo” short pump with retractable hose.
Erie 777 (1948): short computing pump
Erie 248-10 (1948): twin version of 748

All of these pumps are very similar to each other just very slight differences within trim, faces, ad glass, etc… These pumps were manufactured by the Erie Meter Systems Inc. in Erie, Pennsylvania. Erie first started and producing pumps in 1922 under “Erie Service Station Equipment Company.” Erie mass-produced many clockface pumps and computing pumps before merging with the A. O. Smith Company in 1959.

These two Erie 77 station lighters are two of my brothers and I’s favorite pumps! We pulled them out of the same station where they were used back in the 1940’s. After digging we were lucky enough to find the original station lighters to go with them. They are consecutive series numbers which makes it even better. I also found remnants of a Lubri Gas decal underneath the white paint on mine. These are awesome pumps and the story behind them is the best part. I also added another picture of an Erie 748. A big thanks to Jack Sim’s and other close friends for information. Please feel free to add any information that I may have missed and I look forward to seeing everyone’s photos!

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