Ya'll want some cheese with that WHINE?!?!?!?!? I have found that the best place to buy/sell items is Ebay, that way everybody gets a chance to bid on the item. Seller very easily could get the best price for rare items and will usually determine the going market price at that point in time. Sometimes higher than normal, sometimes cheaper than normal, but usually fair for everybody. Sorry to say but there is NOTHING fair about the sale of items on Old Gas, it all depends on the person selling the item(s) for sale. I have dealt with a few folks on here...most folks I have dealt with I would deal with again, some I would NEVER deal with again. Some folks from how they present themselves here in the forums, I would NEVER deal with them no matter what. I remember a few years ago I advertised a pipe organ pump for sale on Craigslist. A guy called about the pump and said he would pay cash for the pump. He showed up and and told me he turned down pipe organ pumps for $2500 up at Hershey. I said "Really?!?!?!? I would buy every pipe organ pump he could find for $2500." Needless to say he didn't buy the pump or anything else from me and he never found a pipe organ pump to sell me for $2500. My suggestion is be nice to each other and treat each others the way you want to be treated. In order to keep the hobby alive, we need the next generations to learn the lessons the the founding fathers of this hobby lived by. Fairness, willingness to help others, honesty, and a friendly attitudes are the qualities that will keep this hobby alive and well. Back biting, dishonesty, rudeness, and cheating will ruin this hobby.