This issue is not unique to this site or any other. Lot’s of back door communication’s go on via other sites . marketplace , Farcebook , Craig’s list , and even EBay . It is not the site but the people who use them that do not deal with honor and respect and honor their word . The all mighty dollar rules to a great degree nowadays . I am sure many or some have made a deal and driven miles to pick up and item to find that it had been sold out from underneath you for a higher price . Or a deal made and then the item is pulled and no further communication . Or an item purchased and paid for and never shipped .

Sadly a lot of this can be attributed to the younger generation entering the hobby that were not taught that their word was the most important thing that an individual has . And as most can see it is not going to get any better . No honor ,no morals , and no respect is evident thru out society .

In the future we will find people will have to deal with a select audience of known reliable individuals that keep their word and have been proven to say what they are going to do and then do it . The world is changing for sure . And not for the better. This remark in no way reflects on the transaction but defends the site from blame . People are the problem . Some good some bad .
My two cents !

Wanted TEXACO related items & SUNOCO related items .Signs -Globes et'c. Oil Cans - Grease cans .