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As all of us in the hobby knows,, pumps are getting scarce in about every location. And like everything
else, because of the lack of supply, prices will go up . Any tall 40's pumps, 39's, 70's, 646's, etc will bring
1200-1500, depending on condition. Any pump that's in primer with all body work done, like the one Craig
posted, with good porcelain faces and dials that turn freely, should bring 1800-2000, if all trim is there.
The shorter 50's pumps in same condition will bring 800-1000. Again, location, location, location. Pumps
on west coast and PNW will bring more than, say in Boise, ID. Don't use Ebay as a sample for prices, we
all know these prices are crazy. This is IMHO after 32 yrs. hustling pumps..thanks Warren
Thanks Warren that's helpful info.

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