Yep, definitely a fake sign. I notified the seller his sign was fake and that I know it for a fact, I have an original with the ring and pole in my collection, plus, most all reproduction porcelain sign have a white first layer of porcelain applied prior to any top colors to complete the finished sign. this is very noticeable at and around chipped areas on the sign. Not to mention there could be blemishes/pitting or imperfections in the finish, you may even think it was shot with a pellet or BB gun, but It's a dead give away. I did reach out to the seller and mentioned to him that he should change his listing and notify any bidders that it was a reproduction. He did responded, only by sending me a sad face emoji, yet he made no changes to his listing.

Over the years, this has been discussed many times here, yet as time goes on, this problem has become more prolific than ever! with more and more signs showing up with many more sellers not telling the truth and basically, selling their soles to make a few bucks. It's super frustrating to see unknowledgeable people get ripped off. I know what those buyers are going to feel like, once they discover they had been ripped off for $3000.00.

Buyer beware!