Well guys and gals, it's official. Gary Drye will host a new Showcase feature called "Remember When, A Look Back " during the first week of every other month starting in January. The new feature will be a "this day in history" type of thing. The prototype for this feature can be found in the Gen Petro forum.

Gary joins a great group of guys that host our weekly, monthly, and quarterly features here in the Showcase and Stories forum.

The Showcase calendar looks something like this:

Collectible Of The Week. Scott kicks off a new feature every Sunday. (Sadly, COTW will be ending soon.)

Buys Of The Week. Doc gets things started every Sunday evening.

Quart of The Month. Hubba starts this feature on the 1st of every month.

Company Of The Month. Doc oversees this feature where a different Shop Talk member tells us about their favorite company each month. COTM starts on the 1st.

Remember When, A Look Back . Gary will post during the first week of the month.

Sign Of The Month. Ted hosts this interesting feature. SOTM starts on the 7th of each month.

Collector Stories Of the Month. Tom 2tone will oversee this upcoming feature. This new feature will have a different collector tell their story each month. CSOTM will be on the 10th of each month.

Globe Of The Month. I host GOTM and start a new feature on the 15th of each month.

Map Of The Month. Doc's new feature will kick off on the 18th.

Pump Of The Month. Neal Dunn hosts this popular feature. Look for a new POTM on the 21st.

Unrestored Pump Of The Quarter. Neal's feature will run quarterly just as the name implies.

ROTM. Jason's realatively new feature has been a big hit with the pump restorers. ROTM usually starts on the 25th.

Please support all of the guys that host these features.
Welcome to the Showcase Team Gary!

Wanted: Gas pump globes:Sinclair & affiliates, IL companies. Ripple bodies. Anything Sinclair, Stoll, Pierce, 4 Bros.