Well this weekend was TOO cold and breezy to work outside for the wife, THERFORE I was able to stay in the shop and do that nasty thing we call "work on the petro stuff"!!
Below is a picture of this Bennett 154 Cash Recorder pump that I was able to finally start putting together.

The reason this baby has taken so long was the owner (a super nice guy in the petroleum equipment service his whole life) wanted the guts restored. Unlike the other pumps I have done, the external will be a piece of cake. It's not like this pump was perfectly stored inside for all these years waiting for someone like me to come along, it came out of a field and EVERYTHING was rusty. seized and raunchy!!
I sandblasted and primed the sheet metal yesterday and will straighten, fill, sand and paint it this week. Shortly thereafeter this baby will be complete and I will start on my next project.
THANKS for looking!