My friend called to say "Molly saw an estate sale ad in the paper for this Saturday. It says there is a Tokheim 36B for auction along with other things." That Saturday I went to my friends place with sweater and rain jacket since they were predicting rain and snow. Somehow I forgot gloves, but that is another story. We arrived at the farm auction - quickly paid our fee and got the necessary number for bidding. My friend asked around where the Tokheim pump was. "Oh, the pump, It's over the hill in the lower section. It's very rough though, not much." When we got to the place where it was, we were startled to see a complete straight pump less the top and hose. Ok, I know this is getting long, so this is it in a nutshell. We waited, waited and waited till all or most of the other stuff (junk) in box after box was auctioned off. Finally they said that they were going down the hill to the lower place. Once more we waited till all the other piles were auctioned off. Finally the guy said, "Well I guess I've kept you long enough and two guys want to start the suction on the pump. (We had been keeping our eyes on everyone wondering who were the bidders.) So the bidding starts. "Do I hear $100 to start the bidding on this Toghmphiem pump?" No bidders respond. "Well, can we start the bidding at $50?" I raised my hand. Long story short, is that there is a lot more to this story, but we walked away with the "rough" pump for $50. That was three weeks ago. Still can't believe it.

Al Kozeliski in Klamath Falls