Standard Oil Company OF Louisiana...Stanocola

Between 1906 and 1908, Standard Oil of New Jersey considered and decided to build a new refinery on the Gulf of Mexico. Standard Oil Trust officials decided Baton Rouge, Louisiana would be the site for this new facility. It was to connect with the Oklahoma oil fields via pipeline. In April 1909, The Standard Oil Company of Louisiana was organized under the presidency of Fredrick W. Weller. The new company immediately started to build the new refinery and pipeline. Stanocola was formed for production, refining, transporting and marketing.

Although it was Jersey Standards idea, Stanocola was basically an independent subsiderary of the Standard Oil Trust. After the courts ordered 1911 breakup of Standard Oil, Stanocola was assigned to Jersey Standard. It continued to operate as an independent company, marketing their own Stanocola products. Their marketing area included Louisiana, Arkansas and Tennessee.

In 1924, Jersey Standard decided to unify all its affiliates and marketing areas with the "Bar and Circle" logo. The Stanocla logo was replaced with this new imaging. Stanocola continued on under Jerseys domain until Januaru 1, 1945, when it was completely absorbed by Standard of New Jersey.

The Stanocola "shield in circle" design is one of the most colorful logos ever produced. These graffics and the fact that it pre-dates 1924 makes them extremely rare and desirable.