OK I have a gas pump story. About 2 years ago my girl friend and i were out pump hunting in the North West and were on a main busy road when she spots a tokheim 34 standing in a yard. She screems stop and ask, and i say ya right there has been 2,000,000 people who have asked about this pump. Well she says you will never know if you don't stop. So i stop and pull in the drive. At the back of the driveway stands two guys talking. These two guys are both over 6 ft tall and weigh at least 300lbs each. Well when i get out and walk up to them they are not very friendly, What do you want one of them says? Well i was wondering if the gas pump was for sale? The biggest guy starts laughing so hard i thought he was going to fall over. His friend begins laughing also...
I was wondering if i should run for it or???
After about 30 seconds of this laughing the first guys says, what would you offer me?
So i go over to get a closer look at the pump. IT IS PERFECT in everyway not a dent or rust through spot on it, and has a perfect pair of original porcelain fire cheif pump plates.
Well now i'm thinking do i try and get it for 100.00? or will i get beat up for being an idiot??
So i offer him 500.00 and he quickly says OK..
Well i pay the man and unhook the pump from the pipe and wiring.
As i'm leaving i stop and ask these two what was so darn funny? The first guy says i have lived here for 8 years and have been asked about 200 times about this pump and said no about 200 times, as the matter of fact you were the 2 person to ask today, and i had just told my friend that i was so tired of being asked that the next guy that came along was going to own this pump no matter what he offered.
So now i stop at every pump....