Great job Don. I enjoy seeing all of the Gilmore stuff. In answer to your question about Mobil Oil being in Gilmore stations,This is a paragraph from a Mobil Oil book.
"Further expansion on the West Coast was accomplished with the 1940 purchase of controlling interest in California's most image-concious marketer, Gilmore Oil Company. Gilmore was nothing short of a flamboyant marketing company, an early sponsor of automobile racing and an excellent addition, through the General Petroleum subsidiary, to Mobilgas marketing. World War II intervened before Gilmore stations could be completely reimaged, but by the end of 1945 the "Red Lion" had jumped off into the western sunset, chased away by Socony-Vacuum's "Flying Red Horse."
During the transition from Gilmore to Mobil, the advertising and products were co-mingled. Thus a dual branded station.