Okay . . . Seth started this in the pump stories. So I decided that the sign people needed their own string.

Here goes . . .

This happened years ago. I had always told my car club buddies to keep a look out for an old Pontiac Dealership Sign. I had wanted one for years and years.

So one Tuesday, my pal Stu calles me at work and asked me if I had made it to the Spring Dustoff Car Show at the Pontiac Administration Building in Pontiac MI the Sunday before. Well, this was the first year in a long time that I hadn't made it to the show.

Stu says that there was a fellow there with an old neon Pontiac Dealership sign for sale. I asked him if he had bought it. "Nope" Stu says, "but I got his number." Then Stu offers to go halfsies with me on the sign. I immediately get Stu off the phone and call this guy's number. He informs me that he had so many requests to sell only one side of the sign that he has broken it up. But one side is still available. I make an appointment to see it that night.

As soon as I'm done with work, I head to the bank and make the 40 minute drive home. I hook up my trailer, load the wife and kid in the car and head out for an hour+ drive to see the sign.

When we get there, the fellow takes me out to his garage and there's the sign. It's beautiful - about 9' wide and 5' tall. All red, white and blue porcelain. It is in great shape with only a couple of dime-sized chips in the field and a few small chips along the edges. It is about a 9.5 on a scale of 10. The neon is gone, but I know that I can get that redone.

Not wanting to appear too eager, I offer him a bit less than half of the price Stu told me he was asking at the Dust Off. He says that he needs the full half - but he will throw in the half-round endcap for free. I try not to break my arm getting to my wallet to close the deal. He helps me load the sign on the trailer and we head home.

Ths following spring, I get a can made for the sign. It's still waiting for new neon, but it holds a place of honor in my 'Coop' with all the rest of my automobilia and petrolania.

The best thing about the whole deal - it only cost me $150.00! Last week a smaller 2-sided Pontiac Dealership Sign with restored neon failed to sell at over $5,500.00! I think I did really well.

Okay you sign people, tell us your stories.


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