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  1. The Road Ahead, A Collectors Look at North American Road Maps
    History of US oil company road maps by Joe Lauher. Lots of map images.
  2. The Unions About the Creator Earl Ma
    Oil can collector, petro author and founder of the alt.petromatica newsgroup
  3. Tim Rohr Gas Pumps
    Pictures of the vintage gas pump collection of Tim Rohr including a fine display of old visible gas pumps.
  4. Tire Ashtray Collecting
    Tire manufacturers began giving away these items with hopes they would be set on counters in service stations, parts stores, and in other public places - or even in private homes - for people to rest their cigarettes, and catch the advertising message
  5. Tire Ashtray Web site
    Tire related advertising and collectibles
  6. Veltex
    Fletcher Oil Co., by Dean Duff. eBay page about this Northwest US oil company
  7. Visible Drive
    Visible gas pumps line the drive to Doc Ermel's home in Parker, Colorado. Gas pumps and other petroliana and soda memorabilia offered for sale or trade.
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