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Help for Shop Talk users,
including putting images,
links in your messages

There are no annual dues for Shop Talk members.

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Using this forum:
Anyone may search and read the messages (topics) posted here, but to respond on the forum or to post a new topic, you must register first. We promise not to use your email address or other personal information in any way other than the processing of this forum. You may hide your email address by choosing to do so in your profile. So, to ask a question you need to register, be activated and then click on "New Topic" in the appropriate forum.

Finding an answer:
Before you post a question, search the forum for a keyword related to your question.

To search for pictures in our Gas Station Image Album, use the form below to search only within our for pumps, globes, oil cans and gas station photos.

Can I edit my message?
You may edit your post for 10 hours after you post it. Click on the "Edit" button within your post. If the Edit button is gone, the time has expired. Mark sold items by posting a reply in your For Sale topic.

Adding your link or image:
Users can insert working links to Web pages, images on another server or email addresses by using UBB code. This is a simplified version of the standard Web html code. Users are encouraged to post images of the items they are referring to in their messages by using UBB code. Click on "Frequently Asked Questions" and scroll down to the UBB code section.

A system is available for easy direct image upload from your computer to our server for use on Shop Talk.

I can't get my image to show up. Help!
Review the instructions in this Tutorial
File Manager Direct Upload "How To"

Testing Area - to try out image posting

My images are too big, how can I make them smaller?
Most digital cameras take megapixel images that are too big to fit on computer screens. Resizing them smaller also helps to speed the transfer to display the image, especially for slower connection users. Your image works best when it is resized to fit on an average screen. The sizes of 640 x 480 pixels is best. That is much smaller than most digital camera photos.

Our Easy Image Resize Tool

Another "How To" resize your image online.

How do I send an email message to another member?
You must be logged in.
"How To" email a member

What are the rules of conduct?
The Membership Agreement explains the rules for acceptable conduct for Shop Talk membership. Click on "Frequently Asked Questions" near the top of this page. Scroll down there and click on "What are the rules of conduct for the forum?"

There are also Guidelines for individual forum categories. Look for them at the top of the list of topics in the forums.

How can I change my registered email address?
Login, Click on "My Stuff" and choose "Edit Profile" on the top of most Shop Talk pages. We encourage you to also enter your location and collecting interests.

What do those words mean?
Look up petroliana word definitions by clicking this link for a Gas Station Collectibles Glossary.

I still need help!
We stand ready to help. but please read the instructions and try first.
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