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This survey does not ask for or otherwise collect your name, email address or other personal information about you. Vote once and have fun! You will get current results automatically after you submit your survey or you can click the following buttons to view results without answering the questions.
Results without answering questions or:
Results of our last survey 1.0

The Survey 2.0:
What is your main collecting Specialty?
One Company or Brand
Gas Globes
Gas Pumps
Oil Cans, Bottles
Where do you find most of your petro collectibles?
Online Auctions
Non-auction Web Sites
Petro Swap Meets
Automotive Swap Meets
Old Gas Stations
Print Advertisements
Word of Mouth
How many old gas pump globes do you own?
One to Five
Six to Fifteen
Sixteen to Twenty Five
Twenty Six or More
Which collector print magazines do you read the most?
Petroleum Collectibles Monthly
Check the Oil!
Tiger Hightest
Both PCM and CTO!
How comfortable are you now with
secure online credit card ordering?
Never do it
Don't know
Thinking about it

Thanks for participating!
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