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Vintage Eco Air Meter Tireflator
by Big Dog - Thu Sep 24 2020 10:16 AM
Tokheim 600
by ACheck - Wed Sep 23 2020 09:35 PM
New Member
by Stev180 - Mon Sep 21 2020 07:29 AM
New Member
by S Mac - Mon Sep 14 2020 04:49 PM
First pump
by Peterm11 - Wed Sep 09 2020 06:46 PM
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Milwaukee Gas Pump Identify Please Brassnozzle 1 hour ago I can’t figure out what version this pump is.
Seams like the Sure Lock is way lower then what’s pictured in Jack’s books. I found this pump way up in Northern Canada. Is there a Canadian version of these pumps? Thanks Everyone!

Also does anyone have any parts for the Lock or anything else that’s melted off. Cheers
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Parts Gav 4 hours ago Need 36b frame only 6 sided American gravity base. 76 bennet top
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Conoco Help Ghostflowers 4 hours ago Can anyone tell me what these conoco pieces were used for?
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Tokheim 39 Station Lighter Top - Rare Petro 2013 Yesterday at 11:58 PM For Sale - Tokheim 39 Station Lighter Top
Media blaster w/primer.
Dings, bumps, some light rust through, but fixable.
Option, cut out center and weld to your top!
Please review picture.
$275 Shipped or Best Offer
Sterling Heights, Mi.
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18 inch GULF letters redmike Yesterday at 11:55 PM Looking for a set of blue GULF letters 18 inch tall in great shape for a fair price!! Thank you!
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Veeder-Root - Price Setting Problem HighOctane Yesterday at 11:21 PM Hi everyone. New member here with a question that I've searched on this forum with no success, so hopefully I'm not covering well-worn ground.

While I am new to this site, I am definitely not new to restorations. I've restored a '49 Ford and a '48 Indian and a vintage race car, so while not a pro, I know which end of the wrench to use. But, doing a gas pump and especially the VR mechanical computer is all new to me.

Attached photo shows my VR with the variator section removed from the counter section. The 10 cent and 1/10 cents Rack Links are removed in the photo.

My current project is a Wayne 70 gas pump that I picked up about 25-30 years ago. It has spent most of that time inside my garage, just waiting for my attention. Thus the "works" are in pretty good shape. As a matter of fact, the gears in the variator look great and most spin in what appears to be a normal way. I say "most" because the gear that drives the counter wheels is locked solid. Will not spin. I cleaned the counter gears and they are in good condition and rotating the drive on the counter moves the money wheels easily. Even befiore I cleaned and oiled everything it reset correctly every time and as I spun the variator, the counter wheels spun correctly before I tried to reset the price per gallon. After I tried the reset, the money wheels would not spin. I am installing one of Kevin Frith's motor kits so motorize the VR. I have a service manual/bulletins with information on the Veeder-Roots, so I understand the basics of how it works and how to set the price. But, it is only basic knowledge and I'm sure I'm missing something that leads me to my dilemma.

My problem is in resetting the "Price per Gallon". As I mentioned, most of the gears in the counter appear to move correctly, both in resetting to zero, and in "delivery" mode. I understand how the price per gallon is reset by inserting the pins through the range plates and into the holes in the range lever and gear. All three range lever and gear assemblies move up and down freely on their vertical shafts. And, the Range Lever and Gear rotates properly in towards the Cone Gear, so that you can insert the Range, Lever Pin, into the desired hole in the Range Plate and into the hole in the Range Lever and gear. This is true of all three price settings - 10 cents range, cents, tenths. The problem is that once the pin is set for the 10 cent price range, it jams or locks up the entire mechanism. Either the gear on the 10 cent range or the shaft that drives the money section is jammed. But, like I said, it wasn't until I tried to reset the price per gallon. I guess I inadvertently buggered something up.

Is it possible that the Rack Links that mesh with the gears on the bottom of the price wheels are keeping the gears from rotating inward? Is there something that must be released, unlocked, loosened, etc. on the Rack Links to allow the gears that drive the money section to spin free? The Range Lever and Gears will rotate in and out, but I can't get the shaft that rotates the gears that drive the money wheels to move. Nothing I've tried seems to work.

One other thing that might shed light on this . . . When the gallon counter and money counter were both spinning (before I screwed it up) as I rotated the main drive, one gallon resulted in 16 cents showing on the money wheels while the Price Per Gallon was actually set to 34.9 cents. This was before I tried to change the price per gallon setting.

Finally, one last question; my computer does not have, nor does it appear to ever have had a bell on it. I would like to have this when I motorize it, as I remember this all too well from my old high school days. Is there a way to add this feature to my computer? If so, how, and where would I get the necessary parts ?

Hopefully one of you Veeder-Root experts can clue me in to what I need to do. Thanks for taking the time. I didn't mean to be so long-winded, but I wanted to thoroughly explain my problem. Any help you guys can give me will be very much appreciated.

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WTB Rubuild of Veeder Root 56 Bloodhound1958 Yesterday at 10:02 PM Looking for someone to rebuild my Veeder Root 3 wheel 56 computer. Unfortunately Joe Yocom doesn't normally do them and did this one as a favor according to the video description. WTB similar service. Thank You

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Esso + Essolube Oil Bottles RedHat Yesterday at 06:56 PM $95 each

$10 to ship pints, $15 to ship quarts

No cracks or chips that I can see, one bottle has some cloudiness that should clean up
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Removing stickers and decals red_green17 Yesterday at 06:16 PM I have a couple of decal/stickers on my pump doors that I was hoping to save. I am going to sandblast the doors and have it repainted but don't want to lose the stickers
Anyone know how to remove stickers or decals in a way that saves them?
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FLAMMABLE LIQUID SIGN. hawkike Yesterday at 06:02 PM Metal sign measures 27" by 9",excellent condition as seen in the photos.

$35.00 shipped
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