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General Petroliana Discussion
2 minutes ago
Originally Posted by 1PetroFan
Hello Mike, I sold my 87 a couple years ago, I recently picked up another 86 but it is missing both access doors. I wouldn't mind if someone posted a PIC of the clips that hold the door in too! Brady

You want pics of the parts that hold the big door on to the frame? If so, I can post that for you.
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Non-petro Discussion and Showcase
11 minutes ago
Morning all! Been slow to really warm up much here in North Dakota. Seems the thermometer can't get over that 50 degree mark? Forecast has some 70's coming this weekend, so we'll see what happens. Time to put the Sno-Bear away for the summer and start thinking of fishing from a boat! LOL
I was out to the pump storage yesterday and gutted an old Bennett that I have planned for a local sale, and it was great being able to work outside again.
The Warden seems to be enlarging her yard work list, so I guess I will have plenty to do the next few days.
Hope all is well with the rest of you! Have a great day on me!!--KEVIN
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Online Auctions, eBay Craigslist Petroliana
23 minutes ago
thanks everyone im new to this you can add gailfromhail to this list she sold me two repops and she has a bunch more on the market
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Non-Petro For Sale, Trade or Wanted
40 minutes ago
For sale...vintage original Tom’s Peanuts thermometer. Some fading and rust. Please see photos. Will only ship to lower 48 states. No international shipping. $125 plus $15 flat rate shipping. Thanks for looking!
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Petroliana News
41 minutes ago
Best selection of quality advertising at one location. We have a large booth. Looking forward to a great show.
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General Petroliana Discussion
2 hours ago
appreciate help everyone very helpful I have the number set up like Dave's and in previous thread so I came to conclusion don't need these rings in my pump as it must be number holder from earlier version or different model tokheim still could us a single #9 marker before this is put together thanks for now Laroy
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For Sale Petroliana with prices
2 hours ago
Pair of Glass Post-Lites from W.H. Long company were mounted on the front of a local muffler/tire repair shop, both work properly, completely original measure 56" long x 7" wide
no chips or cracks in the glass lenses, glass lenses are fluted, very nice condition. $1000.00 obo

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Non-petro Discussion and Showcase
2 hours ago
Absolutely incredible news.
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General Petroliana Discussion
3 hours ago
Okay Ohio Oil, I’ll edit it as per your instruction. You say the 1946 adopting of the Cooper branding was after Ohio Oil Co became Marathon, but didn’t Ohio Oil Co become the Marathon Oil Corp in ‘62? I know they adopted the Marathon trademark for their products and stations before ‘62, but I had thought they remained the Ohio Oil Co until the 60s?

Tide Water Associated Oil Co. - Federal Tires, Flying A Tires

Lion Oil Co. - Kelly Tires

Standard Oil Co. - Atlas Tires

Cities Service Oil Co. - Acme Tires

Signal Oil Co. - Lee Tires

Phillips Petroleum Co. - Lee Tires

Hickock Oil Corp. - Lee Tires

The Atlantic Refining Co. - Lee Tires

Gulf Refining Co. - Branded their own Gulf Tires (Gulf Deluxe Crown, etc.)

Socony Vacuum Oil Co. - Branded their own Mobil Tires (Mobil Premier, etc.)

Sears, Roebuck and Co. - Allstate Tires

Sinclair Oil Corp. - Goodyear Tires

Gilmore Oil Co. - Norwalk Tires

Marathon Oil Corp. - Cooper Tires

Skelly Oil Co. - Hood Tires
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Non-petro Discussion and Showcase
5 hours ago
Thoughts and prayers from the Bieghlers
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Non-petro Discussion and Showcase
8 hours ago
Can anybody tell me a year of this sign its porcelain. Or have a pic of one in use? Thanks Scott
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Online Auctions, eBay Craigslist Petroliana
11 hours ago
There are two ways to tell if the Tydol Ethyl is repop from the front. One is the position of the holes. An original the holes go beyond the black line, the repop they stop on the black line. The lettering on an original is cream, the lettering on the repop is a yellowy cream.
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Showcase and Stories, Petroliana
12 hours ago
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Showcase and Stories, Petroliana
12 hours ago
Thanks for the links gasman and Metro69.

Here's another:
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Petroliana News
13 hours ago
Auction was past Saturday, had globes.
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General Petroliana Discussion
13 hours ago
Thanks to all the site members who responded. Learning lots already!!
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For Sale Petroliana with prices
14 hours ago
Miracle Power display is sold!
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General Petroliana Discussion
Yesterday at 10:29 PM
still got one left!! i will not make just one so if you need a set , you better get them . charley
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Petroliana Value Questions
Yesterday at 10:29 PM
Hey guys first post.

I have here an Gaurdian oil sign and can, from Ottawa Canada. Parfield oil limited from a gas station in Quebec that was shut down in the 1940’s
Porcelain sign 5’x3’ with rounded edges to memic the can.
The can is 1 gallon.
Very rare and hard to find information/history on Gaurdian oil, as well as value.

Can you guys help me out?
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Non-petro Discussion and Showcase
Yesterday at 09:06 PM
Evening all, No rain today although its overcast this afternoon.
Been doing the lawyer and bank thing today. Mom had it cut and dry she said and it wouldn't be a big deal.
Well maybe not so much on 2 properties.one is owned by me and her estate the same with the other but my sister having owner ship to 50 percent due to a misswording in the deeds. Two more to be sold I haven't been able to find deeds on yet I have a feeling they may not be a piece of cake either.
Knew better than to ask a lawyer LOL!
Have a great day all!! I'm longing to just go fishing or something.
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For Sale Petroliana with prices
Yesterday at 08:50 PM
Will consider sign trades of equal value
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For Sale Petroliana with prices
Yesterday at 04:41 PM
Nice pump. Does anyone make repo faces for this pump?
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Welcome New Members
Yesterday at 04:35 PM
Welcome Gabe. I really like the old benches and cabinets too! Id like to see some pictures of your stuff.
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Petroliana Value Questions
Yesterday at 02:43 PM
My guess on diameter would be 16.5".
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Petroliana Value Questions
Yesterday at 02:26 PM
I just noticed the difference in the temperatures between the two thermometers. Mine has to be the Canadian version that goes down to minus 60, yikes! Cheers, Don.
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