Darin, I hope your Grandmother can make it though this OK. Such a helpless situation when you can know about it but not be able to do anything.

My wife and I are both doing fine. She has made three quilt tops during the shelter-in-place and that has kept her busy. After they are finished, our church ships out about 15+ quilts to missions in foreign countries each year.

I've been staying busy as well. That keeps us from annoying each other too much. I posted a couple of my activities in the "Coronavirus quarantine projects" topic in the Non-Petro section. I've been re-organizing stuff in my collection that has been packed away too long. Scanning some print items and putting them on my OldGarage.com Web site.

Doing lots of prep work for our town's food pantry. Our big monthly distribution is this weekend and we're expecting an increase in recipients because of all the unemployment. Been hustling up lots of good stuff from the Food Bank in the city and local donations. The process will be much different as we spread out volunteers for safe distancing and require clients to stay in their cars and drive through. I enjoy the challenge and just getting out of the house helping people.

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This is what 900 dozen eggs and 200 gallons of milk look like in our cooler.