Always a solid experience with Morphy’s, though I always pick up the items.

Bertoia I’ve had a couple of experiences with listing errors on their online catalogues where I win the lot only to have them requesting to cancel the sale a few days later, not sure why that is. In-house, on the other hand, is very pleasant with no issues to date.

Milestone has always been very reasonable on the shipping end with solid service, haven’t bought from them in a few years but when I was actively buying from them I was always impressed.

Redlands is pretty solid, very helpful. Let me drop an absentee bid or two through an Instagram message which made things incredibly easy. They don’t ship though (last interaction with them was 7 or 8 months back so that may have changed) and leave it with the closest UPS store, so my shipping experience can’t really be a reflection of their house. If they still don’t ship, I would highly suggest having someone nearby to pick up...for me, it was either a drive across the country or a $140+ UPS shipping bill for four 2 gallon cans. Live and learn.

Route 32 has always been good to deal with, as well. Very helpful with any questions and quick to ship.