Last year I went to an auction where there were dozens of old vehicles from model T era to the 60's. The preview showed a picture of a shed crammed with heavy auto parts, transmissions, engines, lawn mowers, radiators etc.
I wondered how the heck are they going to sell that!

When I got there they had pulled out tons of parts out of this shed and it was in rows on pallets.

There was still 2 feet of junk left in the shed and I poked around in there as well as 30 other people. The auctioneer said, "If you find something in there you want, bring it out and we'll auction it off, but you won't get it for a dollar, it'll cost $5 to start." I thought, hmm if I go digging in there and find something, I'm not going to bring it out for everyone else to see. haha, so I looked in there and there was a few cans but you really couldn't tell what was in there unless you took things out and made room, because if you moved something you had to put it on top of something else. It was nasty dirty, dusty, dead rats etc, but looked like fun. So at the end of the auction they decided to sell the remaining contents of the shed for one money and I got it for $35. One thing I had wondered about this auction was, where are all the license plates? They sold 2 but there were 30 to 40 vehicles here. I had about 45 minutes before darkness set in so I dove in with my flashlight. I moved a big red seat, some tires and there was a 2 foot dead furry critter laying there, uggghhh, stepped over it, looked between the studs in the corner and bammm, there was a stack of license plates, from the late 20's to the early 40's, all matching sets. woohooo, a good start. I had 300 miles to drive home so I boarded it up and planned on coming back the next weekend.
I'm not very knowledgeable about old car parts, but I have a friend I know who is. Unfortunately this guy had just lost his wife to cancer the year before and he was in the dumps so I thought yea, I'll give Joe a call and he was happy to get out of the house to do a little digging. Next weekend comes and we arrive and Joe is like a kid in a candy store, he's recognizing what truck this came off of, what that belonged to. I start towards the corner, and now we could take things outside. I got down to the floor, and there was a model T tool box, filled with Ford hubcaps. Found 7 of these all in a nice row, filled with stuff, even mice. I left Joe in there and went into another building as the owner said, take anything you want because in a week I'm bringing an excavator and we're going to level the place. An hour later I go back to the shed and ole Joe has got a grin on his face, "look at this!" he says, and holds up an old motorcycle tank. Neither one of us knew what motorcycle it belonged to, but we knew it was a good one. After hours of research I still didn't know when I listed it on Ebay, but soon after I figured it out, a guy by the name of Excelsior offered me alot of money, that's when I realized this was a 1925 or so Henderson Motorcycle tank. I split the money with Joe and we said, let's do it again sometime.