Not sure how long ago this was but I spend a lot of time in and going thru this small Montana town. One day I drove around town and noticed part of a Wayne 70 beside a big old building on the edge of town. I knocked on the door of the closest house and a fellow says he owns the bldg and lot. I asked about the pump and we walked over there. He said someone got the good pump awhile ago but didn’t want this one. I bought it for parts and asked if I could look around in the bldg. I could see it was now a storage bldg for carpet as it was everywhere. I did notice a small attic access door on the outside above the main big doors and asked if there was anything up in the attic. He said no, nothing up there. Would you mind if I took a look I asked and he said sure go ahead. So I got the ladder and headed up.
I opened the small door and shone my flashlight around quick. I could see off to my right something round but the dust was to thick to see what it said so I lifted it and looked at the underside. Holeeee s**t. It was a Husky sign.
This was a big bldg so started back to the middle and I see some wooden boxes. I looked in one and it originally held globe lenses with just one lense in there and unfortunately it was broke in about 3 pieces. There was also 3 boxes of small pint gas cans. Then I also saw a big long sign with a wood frame and flipped it over. Lol, was disappointed it wasn’t Husky.
After about half an hour rooting around I hauled down what I wanted and set it on the ground. The fellow came over and said well I guess there was stuff up there.
Yes and some good stuff I said. We made a deal on the pile and I loaded up. I think I left some of the small cans up there as I figured I had enough.
Pictures of some of it below. Btw. I gave the pieces of that lense to my buddy Les and he repaired it. I must say it looks great and I have never seen another one of those lenses.
There is another interesting turn to this story and another great find that I will add onto tomorrow. It’s getting late.