Hello all,

Thanks for having me. I've been trolling for a while but decided I wanted to post and communicate with the group. I reside in S/E Michigan, a little north of Detroit. I've been collecting beer signs and tins for years, evolving from your basic common commercial beers to now only local commercial tins and craft beer places that I have visited. I recently started taking those tins down to make room for Petroleum and Gas related signs of tin, metal, and porcelain. I have taken a special liking to Amalie signs and have started a nice little collection. I currently also own three gas pumps, a Bennett 150 clockface, Bennett 766 computing, and a G & B 176 visible. I also enjoy working on old cars and currently own a 48 Ford F-1 (my father's old truck undergoing restomod) and a 78 Lincoln Continental (my grandmother's old car). Lots of muscle has been through the stable, but my dream would be a 70 Mustang Mach 1.

Looking forward to contributing to the group, although I'm sure I'll be much more of a sponge for a long time. Feel free to say hi, and of course if you have something Amalie for sale, reach out!

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