Hi guys,
here is the story. Neighbor 2 doors down was having an estate sale last spring & we had cars turning around in our driveway for 2 days straight. Couldn't take it! We walked down there & I got a few tools & stuff, but found the coolest bench grinder. An old Sears grinder on a a cast iron base that clearly was home made. I think the old guy worked at Pontiac Motors back in the day & must have repurposed either a support member or a sign post. It's stupid heavy. 3' tall & about 250lbs. Told wife that we will repurpose the base for her flower garden. Last fall I went to the Utica Michigan car/petroliana show in August. Ok, this guy is selling all kinds of iron stuff. Turns out he is a relative of my boss. Our shop made him a visible pump part that he sold a bunch of. Anyway; he had 2 real cool 100yr old street lights for sale that I latched onto. I was talking to Jim Treadway about some ad glass I had & he wanted to see the lights that I was considering. Light speed we agreed that a gas globe was needed! I got one & his wife got the other. During the covid shutdown I finished this guy. It has a 9 volt led bulb with sensor base from depot to turn light on at dusk! We live on a lake, so had to go marine on this one. We never expected it to turn out like this! Still owe wife a garden artifact! Rick Sawicki