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Looking down the road...what do you think? #751195 07/03/2020 2:47 AM
by Stephenwarren30
I know that this subject has been breached many times....but I sometimes think about the future of collecting Petroliana. All my signs and pumps remind me of my younger days. Classic signs and gas pumps are there deeply embedded in my childhood memories.

I just made a major purchase of a Tom’s Peanuts wire rack display (Photo) because of the memory of my uncle’s Esso station (Photo) back in the 1950s with one of those Tom’s Peanuts racks. Those memories have spurred my collecting. If that is the major reason for collecting, will it come to an end when a new generation without those memories are front and center?

I wondered if I was “over thinking” it all or if there were other plausible, perhaps brighter outlooks concerning this great hobby.

What do you think?
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Re: Looking down the road...what do you think? #751206 Jul 3rd a 02:26 PM
by tbuckles
One thing to keep in mind is we (collectors) make up a tiny percentage of the general population. So when a person says the younger generation doesn't care about this stuff, in my opinion you could state the same thing about my generation, I'm 63 by the way.

I'm seeing a younger crowd at shows that in no way do they remember the days of full service gas stations and pumps with globes yet they are out there collecting this stuff.

I see a bright future for this hobby to remain relevant.

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Re: Looking down the road...what do you think? #751297 Jul 5th a 02:14 PM
by Speedracer
I go to a lot of shows (and I set up and sell) and I believe younger people are interested in this stuff... and buying it.

One other thing you must remember, in my opinion, young people in this hobby should be considered around 40-45 years old and older. Because you have to think, at what age and stage in life does the AVERAGE person start to have a disposable income to buy $1500 signs, $1000 gas pumps and $250 oil cans?? You will hardly see a bunch of 25 year olds doing it. They just want to make their car payment. For the AVERAGE person who collects this stuff, it tends to be a ‘later-in-life’ hobby. After you get a job/career, buy a house, a cool car, etc etc. So the demographic of NEW collectors is already past middle-age in my opinion.

Of course there are exceptions, but this is my opinion.
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