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POTM "Pump of The Month" February 2021 #760096 02/01/2021 6:32 PM
by kjsplichal67
Thank you for the tremendous participation last month, keep it up! For this POTM, I chose to do another one of my favorites, the G&B 86, 87, and 89 series. These pumps are fantastic to look at, although relatively simple pumps, they are still very eye catching with their unique bezels and tops. This is our G&B 86 that my brother and I own together. This pump is one of our favorites because this pump still runs! We picked this up out of a shed about an hour away from home. When we were hooking it up for lights, the pump turned on! This pump is a true survivor. My brother and I are still looking for a bezel for the backside of this pump, so please let me know if you have one. This models lasted from roughly 1936-1937. This POTM includes these models:

G&B 86 - "Calco Meter" Competer
G&B 86 - "Calco Meter" Twin Computer Pump
G&B 87 (AR) - Clockface, Non-computing
G&B 89 - Computer Tydol Version (Shoebox Globe)
G&B 89 - Clockface w/ ad glass
G&B 89 - Computer w/ ad glass

Please feel free to comment on anything that I may have missed. These pumps are pretty unique. Remember this POTM is for ONLY the models of G&B's listed above. Let's make this a great month! Enjoy!
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Re: POTM "Pump of The Month" February 2021 #760120 Feb 2nd a 04:52 AM
by Speedracer
Here’s a real ugly one I have. Brush painted black. But the story was kind of neat..... An older couple in an affluent neighborhood who had lived there for many, many years decided to sell the pump. When they bought the house many years ago, the gas pump was in the garage, left behind by the previous owners. They didn’t care too much about the pump (they weren’t like you and me -lol). It just sat in the corner for over 40 years. Well, they decided to tear down their garage and build a new one. They were going to use the existing foundation and repair some spots. They started to jack-hammer some cracked areas of the floor and the construction crew located an underground void, which ended up being a gas tank. The building inspector came out and noticed the piping to the pump. He stated wealthy people in this area had their own pumps in their garages. He also noticed the tank had leaked and the ground was contaminated. The couple had to pay $40,000 to clear and remove the contaminated soil and have the ground tested; then, after that, they could start their new garage shocked. Needless to say, they hated this gas pump. -Steve
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Re: POTM "Pump of The Month" February 2021 #760116 Feb 2nd a 02:02 AM
by keithia
An 86.
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Re: POTM "Pump of The Month" February 2021 #760457 Feb 9th a 04:27 AM
This was on ebay in 2008 for $1200.00. It did not have a back door or maybe it was home made without a bezel. I do not remember.
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