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Decorating my truck.. #764155 05/28/2021 12:50 AM
by Heber Richins
Heber Richins
So i have a question. Is it alright to decorate regular driving trucks with the vintage logos like Chevron, or texaco Etc? Im wanting to put remade vintage Chevron Logos on My Truck... ive seen people do Route 66 stickers on the hood of ther vehicles.. but anyway i figured since i have my little replica service station i should see about decorating the the two doors of my truck with old Chevron logos...

If anyone knoes if its legal or not please let me know.
i tried looking around online but there wernt really any helpful sources..
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Re: Decorating my truck.. #764162 May 28th a 04:15 AM
by Paul Bell
Paul Bell
Im not a lawyer, but I have looked into something similar before when I made vintage globe lenses. Technically, I think it is trademark infringement BUT you'll be fine. Not really any different than when I restore an old gas pump and slap a shell sticker on it. Although if it originally was a shell pump than I'm just restoring what was already there, and its even more defendable. (...and how does anyone know that your truck wasnt originally a Chevron truck, right???)

It is more a question of what will get you into trouble. If a company is known to defend their trademark, like Coke, Sinclair, Harley-Davidson, and you are commercially selling something with their logo on it, I would be worried, as there are steep fines per each infringement. You are not doing that, you'll be fine.
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