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Re’ Schlitt
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Preserving Patina #775555 03/02/2022 12:15 PM
by Re’ Schlitt
Re’ Schlitt
So I just bought my first pump which will eventually be displayed outside my shop under an overhang. While I plan to restore it down the road, I’m planning on clear coating it in the short term.

What should I use? Is any dull or matte finish clear coat ok to use? Eastwood has a Patina Protectant clear, but it’s been out of stock for a few weeks now.
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Re: Preserving Patina #775557 Mar 2nd a 12:41 PM
by pigIRON63
In order for clear coat to adhere, the surface should be sanded and prepped. If not prepped right, it will peel. Sanding and prepping will cause you to lose some of the desired effect.

I have used acetone and BOILED Linseed Oil in the past, with good results. It leaves a semi-gloss sheen. 50% Acetone,50% BOILED Linseed Oil. Do NOT use regular Linseed Oil. It will take a month to dry.
Simply take the Acetone and BOILED Linseed Oil and mix half and half. Wipe on with a rag or brush, let it sit for 20 or 25 minutes,then wipe it lightly with another rag to remove the excess product. Let it dry for 12 to 24 hours, depending on the temp.

Before and after
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Re: Preserving Patina #775572 Mar 2nd a 08:25 PM
by Paul Bell
Paul Bell
I use this stuff, available at O'Reillys auto parts stores and other places. It doesn't require a catalyst. It won't change the surface colors much at all, usually things pop a little more after clear coating with this and it tends to even out colors some. I just shot some last night actually, dries quickly as well, very easy to use.

You do need a spray gun of some kind to apply. Surface needs to be clean of course. I'm not sure how well it would hold up outside but probably be OK. Can always pick up a $20 gun from harbor freight if you need one, a quart can is about $30.

As far as sanding the surface before clearing, you can. I find it easier to abrade the surface with a scotch-brite pad. Of more importance really is that the surface is clean. I use "wax and grease" remover which is also available at any paint place. There have been times when it's been completely impossible to sand the surface because of the shape, and it's still been fine.
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