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Posted By: Skychiefer Footing for Shepard Pole - Sun Apr 12 2015 12:11 PM
I just purchased a 42" Texaco double sided Porcelain sign, so now I will be on the lookout for the Shepard pole. My question is this: Would anyone know how big and deep the footing were for these. I know in my area I would have to go below the frost line,( 4 ft. in Michigan) but how about diameter? I seen the plans here on oldgas for the footings for the 6 ft. sign which I plan to follow for that one, but most old time pictures from what I can till is there is not much of a footing if any at all on the Shepard Pole. I find this strange since for a 6 ft. it is a large footing, and the rules that one engineer gave on here for the reason on the 6 ft. sign footing was based on the pressure from high winds that would make it fall over. Wouldn't one think the same design for the footings be the same for the 42"sign since this sign is fixed to the pole as the 6 footer is? Would the reason be that the 42" sign has a two inch air gap for most of the way around the post where the 6 footer does not? On another note how rare is the number nine post and the usage of this type of post at Texaco stations in the early years. The worth of one of these in mint condition? I seen some of these in pictures, but it seems that the Shepard Pole is a lot more common. Was it the price or availability of these post? Lastly I what to make some sort of gas station front this year and I have the hexagon post,(still looking for the sign) the 6 ft. sign with post, and the 42" sign ( looking for the post) would anyone here on oldgas have any opinion or seen anyone display all three of these? My thoughts are to have the concrete in a three sided formation (sides are at a 30 degree angle) with the 6 footer in the center with the 42 inch to the left of center, and the hexagon to the right. Does anyone have any thought on this or a different design. I can do my own work so I will e able to save a few dollars , I am open for any ideas. I know this thread is long, but while I have anyone's attention.....
Posted By: Oldgas Re: Footing for Shepard Pole - Sun Apr 12 2015 12:24 PM
On the upper right corner of this page is a search form for Google to look within Oldgas.com.

In that form, type in:
pole sign footing
and click the button to search.

You'll find multiple topics where this question was discussed. Like, "Large Texaco Banjo post Installation"
Posted By: Skychiefer Re: Footing for Shepard Pole - Sun Apr 12 2015 01:12 PM
I have used the search option, but no matter what I type in nothing on the Shepard pole installation for footing requirements comes up. I have and read the requirements for the six foot banjo sign and poke which I hope will be compatible with the hexagon sign that I will follow. Somewhere here on oldgas it said that the Shepard pole stood only 10 ft. high. Is this the reason for not much of a footing? Just that it is below the frost line? Also to me it seems that the Shepard pole stood higher than 10ft. in the pictures I have seen, or it's just my imagination at play.
Posted By: Oldgas Re: Footing for Shepard Pole - Sun Apr 12 2015 01:36 PM
If you would use the Google Custom Search form at the top right corner or bottom right corner of this page, you would find lots of topics with answers to your questions. I'm not referring to the Search link in the menu bar above.

Here is just one of the links you would find in Oldgas.com Google Custom Search:
Posted By: Skychiefer Re: Footing for Shepard Pole - Mon Apr 13 2015 11:07 AM
Thanks, Jim
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