Zephyr gasoline

Posted by: Anonymous

Zephyr gasoline - Fri Dec 14 2001 07:52 PM

I'm still new to the hobby. The other day my neighbor showed me a Zephyr Gas globe he had saved from many years ago. It had a red bumpy like surface and a metal screw on base. It had the 'Ethyl' mark too. He offered to sell it, but I don't know what it is worth. We're good friends. I'd like to have it but don't want to offend him with the wrong offer. Anybody give me a ball park figure?? Thanks
Posted by: wfort39663

Re: Zephyr gasoline - Fri Dec 14 2001 11:46 PM

Sounds like a Gill Red Ripple body which is worth $1000 to $1400 and the lenses should be worth $300 to $500 for the pair. These prices assume items in good condition.