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Wayne 60 Questions

Posted By: Loves Cars

Wayne 60 Questions - Tue Oct 10 2017 09:20 PM

I’m restoring a Wayne 60 wide body and I can’t be sure but the serial number appears to be #445-BD. On the same tag below this is the Underwriters Laboratories inspection number which is #441346. Is it possible to determine the year this pump was manufactured from either of these numbers?

One more question, what is the proper color for the spinners inside the glass and the area inside the glass behind the spinners? Thanks for any help you can provide.

Posted By: K W FRITH

Re: Wayne 60 Questions - Tue Oct 10 2017 09:35 PM

Joe--If that's the complete serial number--then your pump was manufactured in 1936.
All the spinners that I have ever seen are made of aluminum and were left natural color. that area behind the spinner is a mild steel and is usually rusty.
If restoring this pump, I would use black paint on the backing plate, in order to make the aluminum spinners stand out.
Posted By: Jack Sim

Re: Wayne 60 Questions - Wed Oct 11 2017 01:33 AM

If you need any information about your pump go to this page of my website. Your Serial number indicates the pump is a large base 60 so click on this page: http://petrolianacollectibles.com/wayyne%2060-2.htm

It is one of the first large base 60s made.

Jack Sim
Posted By: Loves Cars

Re: Wayne 60 Questions - Wed Oct 11 2017 07:39 PM

Thanks Guys. I hope to paint it shortly.
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