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Picker trip


Picker trip - Sat Jan 12 2019 06:18 PM

Good afternoon everyone I am headed next week up to Charlotte NC from Florida and was wondering if anybody had any rare pumps or rare air meters or nice signs that might be for sale. Kris 754-581-4095
Posted By: Jack Sim

Re: Picker trip - Sun Jan 13 2019 06:43 AM

I know you are not coming to Missouri, but since you are looking for a rare air meter I thought you might be interested in this one.
Early next week I will be going to look at a pair of ECO 120 Islander Air Meters. These are the rarest of all the Islanders, there are the round type, not the ones with the curved corners. Both are complete with the Model 90 Series meter on the top, The only thing missing is the front of the meter where the hoses come out, but by using the other one it can easily be duplicated. If I purchase them I will be selling them for $12,000 as a pair. Let me know if you have any interest.

Jack Sim

Re: Picker trip - Sun Jan 13 2019 11:19 AM

I would be interested please get a hold of me to send some photos as soon as you can thank you Jack
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