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Posted By: jkyocom SCAMMER??? WTH? - Sat Apr 25 2020 02:01 AM
I get an email from this guy telling me I agreed to buy computer parts.
He sends me a pic of the cabinet w/ computer and wants to give it away for $1,200.00???
for the Veeder Root....... shocked shocked laugh laugh
Who is this jerk?????
This is the last email he sent....

Smith Meehan

Below is the attached picture of the Crankback Veeder Root , you
requested for . I`m asking $1,200 as a give away price . Because I
need to sell it on time to be able to raise funds to solve my health
problems .

Because of the current situation with the COVID-19, I demand you send
me your door step address for delivery purpose .

Stay isolated and healthy, put on a mask and gloves.

Attached picture image.jpg
Posted By: desertexplorer Re: SCAMMER??? WTH? - Sat Apr 25 2020 02:15 AM
I just found this on the Antique Automobile site:


Looks like the guy is getting around...
Posted By: DWSheffer Re: SCAMMER??? WTH? - Sat Apr 25 2020 02:24 AM
You can tell by the sentence structure that the person's first language is not English.....
Posted By: Craig Osbeck Re: SCAMMER??? WTH? - Sat Apr 25 2020 03:30 AM
Just another Craig's list scammer or worse. Just ignore there and let it pass. Every time I put an ad somewhere someone comes back with some type of scam for funds for it or something else.
Posted By: jkyocom Re: SCAMMER??? WTH? - Sat Apr 25 2020 04:10 PM
I got multiple emails from him asking me if I was going to buy the Veeder Root parts I requested.
I told him I did not remember the conversation, he sent this.
I told I have never paid for a 12 computer in over 3 decades and to take his scamming a** somewhere else and to go
have sex with himself and some other plumber words and blocked him from my email

I thought I would let you all know about this vagina.
Posted By: Paul Bell Re: SCAMMER??? WTH? - Sun Apr 26 2020 08:46 PM
Because of COVID-19, I demand to get your address, or else, and dammit wear a mask too, or else!

I'm pretty sure this is Michigan Governor Whitmer emailing you...
Posted By: Done4 Re: SCAMMER??? WTH? - Sun Apr 26 2020 10:19 PM
Your post should be deleted. Nuf said.
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